A Comparison of Canadian and American Political Systems

People outside of the "Americas" can often get confused understanding and comparing the differences between the US and Canadian models, forms and structures of government.

In the United States there are 50 states with a federal government. The subunit, that is each state, has its own governor and state legislature. The federal government of course of the USA, has at its head the President (currently President Obama) along with 2 houses of legislature. These are the US House of Representatives (with local elected members referred to as "Congressmen" or perhaps "Congress Women" and the US Senate with "Senators" elected from each and every state. There are many more Congress people per state than elected Senators over all. Some will tell you that Senators carry much more power and clout than the Congressmen in the House of Representatives, whereas in Canada it's not the Canadian Senate and Senators who wield the greatest power and effect changes.

Whereas Canada has a federal and provincial system. There is one overall Federal Government with given responsibilities and 10 more local or Provincial Governments along with 3 "Territories" - not fully assigned fully rights and privileges under the Canadian political system yet. Whereas in the US political system Americans vote for their representatives and then the leader overall (that is the President), Canadians vote for members of Parliament only. Firstly the Canadian Senate as opposed to the US model are not elected at all. Instead they are "appointed" by the ruling party - that is the political party in power federally in the Federal House of Parliament which is located in Ottawa in the eastern province of Ontario. The federal political leader in Canada is not elected for his position. Rather he is the leader of the party with the most seats in the house - that is the ruling party in charge. Interestingly it is the party in power, not the people directly as in the US who chose their ultimate political leader. It might be argued and debated that ultimately it is the Canadian people by voting for their elected representatives who sit in the House of Parliament in Ottawa who make the choice via their votes to their own elected leaders. On the other hand it might be said that party and its "Whip" ensure that sitting members in the House of Parliament tow the party line, when it comes to votes and policy as opposed to the elected officials themselves.

Political Realism Is More Appropriate Than Political Idealism


Regarding the history of growth and development of International Relations theory, we can divide it in to four significant phases. They are not separated division of each other, but one phase is evolution and development of previous phase. Therefore, we can say these divisions were created for convenience for study the theory. The divisions mentioned as follows,

First one is Historical Phase, which existed for longtime before the beginning of First World War. Before the 1914 there were dominated monarchical political systems around the world. The theory of international relations was not important very much. Always greediness of conquer other's land and using others resources by for was apparent. Diplomacy existed at that time but not in proper manner. In this phase, main interest was in the understanding of relations among States /nations through history, diplomacy and law. Under this phase more intellectuals (like Plato, Aristotle, Karl Marx, and Rousseau) taught various kinds of political and economic philosophies, which paved the way to evolution of phases in international relations. However, the analytical methods were in formulating stage.Because of these reasons they couldn't answer the questions of resolving war via international relations.

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Political Influence While Starting A Business In India

As in any part of the world, political influence is highly essential to start a business in India. Especially if you are planning to start a multi billion business, some sort of political patronage is an absolute necessity. Not only for safeguarding the interest of the company but even to begin the process of getting the required sanctions, one requires hold in the high echelons of politics and administrative circles.

Indian society is highly plural. It is the biggest democracy in the world with multi party political system. In population, India is second to China, with nearly 1200 million people. This is the most important consumer market in the world. It is a fast developing world. India is the third largest economy in the world and second fast growing economy in Asia. It has the tremendous potential of development with huge intellectual human force. With all these advantages and the huge market potential, world super entrepreneurs are looking for business establishments in India. With the overcrowded population and the millions of hard working and qualified personals, India offers a very cheap work force to the world. Many have realized the business potential in India, started exploring the unique opportunities of investments.